Vintage Leather Box/Jewelry Boxes/Embossed Box



  • Made of wood
  • Natural colour
  • Perfect gift
  • Durable
  • Jewellery or keepsake box
  • Interior of the compartments is covered in a soft fabric
  • Appropriate for any gender.




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This box is a perfect gift for wood lovers, if you are looking for something special and different this is the right piece.

Wood is the original material jewelry boxes were made of. Its durability, availability and elegance have since made it a classic material, not just for jewelry boxes but for most things around us.

Our Wooden jewelry boxes have small compartments which will allow you to store all your jewelry safely.

They can also serve as your keepsake box. They are brilliant for giving a vintage feel to your dresser.

Leather is also a very popular durable and fashionable home decor item. It gives your room an expensive, vintage and elegant vibe.

The interior of the compartments is covered in a soft fabric, to avoid damage to your jewelry.

Appropriate for any gender. Great as a gift to your female and male loved ones.


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