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African Beaded Necklace, Choker Necklace, Beaded Fringe Necklace, Orange Necklace

African necklace, Mothers gift, Elegant Necklace, Gift for her, Tribal necklace This necklace is made with love using fine beads. This consists of a necklace, and earrings. It is attractive to wear and very light in weight. Earring and necklace set. A lovely necklace will make heads turn in admiration, The right earrings can make you look prettier any day of the week! This set is guaranteed to make you the centre of attraction at any venue. Bright orange and intricately made. Perfect for when you want to be the focal point.

African Beaded Neckpiece

Necklace featuring a mix of wood and African beads on a hand knotted black cord string. Length when worn: 22 inches. Handmade African beads are sourced from Ghana, West Africa.

African Cross Bag/ Print Bag/Sling Bag/African Purse

When you want a purse that’s not too small or too big, this African Cross Bag is just right! Ideal for daily use. It’s comfy, convenient, versatile, stylish and chic. Your phone, books, and money can perfectly fit in.

African Map Necklace

Fit for men and women Available in Black only Necklace with an Africa shaped Pendant Keep Africa against your heart with this handcrafted neckpiece. Good quality Doesn't fade fast

African Waist Bag/Sling Bag/Cross Body Bag/African Fanny pack

Our hippie Ankara fanny pack is handmade from Ankara fabric and it can be used both as a waist bag or cross-body bag. Its adjustable belt makes it suitable for everybody. It is big enough to carry a cell phone, id and other items you need to take with you for parties, camping, festivals and all the other occasions where you need your hands free.

Animal Key Tag, Handmade Sculptures

These charming hand carved wood sculptures of various animals are perfect to display on a desk, book shelf or window sill. It can also be used as keyholders. These animals are entirely individually hand crafted and unique and may vary slightly in size and shape from those pictured. We have beautiful sculptures of Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos. We have beautiful sculptures of Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos. They are the perfect gift for a wildlife enthusiast or animal lover. Surprise your kids or a loved one with an unusual, unique present they will always cherish.

Ankara Alice band/ African Headband/ African Head wear/ Ankara Headwear

Let your hair do the talking with our very stylish Ankara Alice band. The band is designed to fit over the head and hold long hair away from the face, but let it hang freely at the back.

Ankara Apron/African Print Apron with pockets

This beautiful Ankara Print Apron is rich in cultural pride. It is both durable and beautiful. Lightweight, stylish and durable. It features a one-size-fits-all design with front pockets to hold kitchen utensils or even phones when needed.

Ankara Bangles

Ankara bangles wrapped in colorful Ankara print A perfect way to show how fashionable you are with these beautiful, well-made bangles. Get the spirit of Africa into the swing of your step

Ankara Bonnet/Satin Silk Double Layered Reversible Cap

Inspired by the Afrocentric Heritage, this adult sized bonnet is perfect for protecting your hair from the overnight snags and tangles that cotton pillowcases can cause. It is absolutely adorable!

Ankara Earrings

Ankara print earrings. These Ankara earrings are circle-shaped with a variety of striking colors. They are designed in a style that evokes the 1970's where colors were bolder and everything was larger than life.

Ankara Handbag, African Print Handbag

This African handmade bag is made of Ankara fabric, beautiful and colorful bag. Locally made from Nigeria. Has internal pockets. To keep during outings and on sunny days. Chic, classy and practical handbag for all types of events. Really look nice and great on ladies. Small Handbag wrapped in Ankara print Fashionable bags that are meant to not clash with any outfit choice while still standing out. These bags are built to impress and last. You would be wearing these for a long time.
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