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And then he bit me

After nearly killing her latest date, one-fourth vampire Emma Brandt finds herself back in the Vampire Community, whether she likes it or not. Throw in her nosy family, Vampire Security on speed dial, and an ex-boyfriend who wants a second chance at forever, and you have romantic comedy with some bite.

Ariel’s redemption

Ariel doesn’t believe in herself or her powers anymore, and she forgot everything about getting in love. She doesn’t nurture any illusions that she will meet Prince Charming one day. She just goes through the motions, full of resentments, unfulfilled, and almost defeated.

Arrow Of God

Chinua Achebe's 1964 novel Arrow of God depicts an Ibo pioneer as he defies the British directors and missionaries in his town. The novel spotlights on Ezeulu, who is the High Priest of Ulu. Ulu is the main divinity in the town of Umuaro, and he united six warring towns to create a strong community that shares fundamental beliefs however preserve local village traditions. Since Ezeulu is half god and half man, he battles to recognize what is human will and what is heavenly will. This contention becomes more relevant as new difficulties, in the form of British position and Christian religion, question the pecking orders and convictions whereupon the community was built.

Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed

A journey through moulded metaphors, insightful imageries and sinking similes, soothing sights in all is how to describe Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed.

Bable Of Tongues

Comparative philology beyond Indo-European and Afro-asiatic

Bart and Jesse: A love story

Jesse This is my final year of high school. On to bigger and better things. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this town and away from my brother and family as soon as possible.

Be The Emperor (Complete Edition)

Dr. Bola Adeboye is a World Bank trained Financial &Project Management Consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Business Administration from the University of Lagos Nigeria July 1981, a MBA from the Lagos State University.

Beautiful love pond

“I’m running away from love, and all of the intricacies of a fragile heart.” In Beautiful Love Pond, a poetry collection for lovebirds, author Tunde Brain taps into the fundamentals of what it is like to experience the joys and pains of falling in love.

Beauty Beyond (Poetry Collection)

Written in the most simplistic of words. “Beauty Beyond“ is a collection of beautiful poems aiming to introduce children to “Poetry” as a form of self-expression. The book teaches children to have a profound appreciation for life. The beautiful moments God allows them to have, honor and treasure.

Becka’s Awakening(Book One in The Winstons Series)

Becka wanted the power and the money. What she got was losing her heart. Becka is a witch and not a very good one. With her great-grandmother’s curse hanging over her she has no idea how to escape her fate. When she suddenly spills her coffee on a stranger she finds out there’s more to life than what she thought.
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