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“Karma, alone, is too slow to curtail the wickedness of men.- The Originator. Humanity had hoped that through technological and scientific advances that they’d become galactic utopian societies. This is not the case. The futuristic promises of America in the twenty-first century were merely a façade for what they are, which is a multi-generational caste system living in a dystopian hell.

Beauty Beyond (Poetry Collection)

Written in the most simplistic of words. “Beauty Beyond“ is a collection of beautiful poems aiming to introduce children to “Poetry” as a form of self-expression. The book teaches children to have a profound appreciation for life. The beautiful moments God allows them to have, honor and treasure.

My First Time On An Aeroplane

Joshua is a smart well behaved child who loved and adored his parents, teachers and even the non-teaching staff because of his kind personality and strict adherence to school policy and teachers’ instructions.

School Days Covid-19 Spin-off

In 2020, the government of Uganda issued a nation wide lockdown. Emma did not yet know or understand what had happened, the gravity of it and how it would affect his life but little did he know that he would find out much sooner than he had expected.

School Days Issue 1

Emma is desperately trying to get to school on time but his carefree and rather over relaxed brother who he has to take to school every day, is in no rush at all. This forces Emma to do the unthinkable in order to get to school or risk missing yet another day of school. This sets in motion a series of funny events that end with Emma learning a valuable lesson.

School Days Issue 2

The second issue of school days gives us a proper feel of Emma’s school and introduces us to more of Emma ‘s friends and their characters and opens up the series to a lot of possibilities.

School Days Issue 3

It’s exam period. The air in Emma ‘s school changes as kids become more and more serious in preparation for mid-term exams but Emma remains unbothered.


Mrs Patience has just moved back to Nigeria from America with her two daughters Clera and Beatrice to come reestablish herself back home in Enugu, Eastern Nigeria; give her kids the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Nigeria and her people; and leave behind all the memories America brings to her of her nasty divorce from her American husband.

The Citadel and the Crowd

The future can be promising sometimes, even if it isn’t clear why.. We all have ideas about our individuality, and it seems very hard to acknowledge our size in this vast universe. The idea of infinity is so powerful, yet remains so distant, and we are unable to grasp it. What can happen when certain ideals grasp our destiny? When our confidence in our uniqueness, creativity, and individuality deludes us into getting lost in the mazes of our own mind, instead of opening up to the vast potential of the universe?

The Step Mothers

“Step Mothers” is a story that revolves around the life of a 12-year-old girl obsessed with barely the concealed pain of losing her biological mother that manifests as indifference towards her loving and over caring step mother.

The Three Musicians

The Three Musicians is a story that revolves around three girls with a dream that is too big to ever come true. But with great faith, courage, hard work and determination, the three girls find themselves in reach of an opportunity that could forever change their lives.
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